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Post Holiday greens - Artisans Bay Magazine - Winter 2013
Design in the Details
Inside Out
Collection vs Clutter
Inside Again


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Inside Design

Inside Staging

The beginning of a new year: a time to remember the past, and look to the future with fresh eyes and renewed hope. It is a season of reflection, resolution, and renovation (the three R’s?), because if you’re selling (or buying) a home, this is also the time to get ready for the spring market.
Before anything else, contact a real estate representative to provide an appraisal of your home’s current value, and an assessment of your local market. If you wish to improve your home’s value, and also decrease the time it spends with a for-sale sign on the lawn, FLUFF IT!

Design in the Details

In past articles we’ve talked about the big picture when it comes to designing a room, a house, an outdoor scape.  Form and function, organization, collecting and editing, staging and fluffing for re-sale, remodelling or renovating, extending to the outdoors, and decorating versus design.
While i am a strong proponent of an individual approach to each home, space, or person, there are some universal truths when it comes to decorating your home.  The importance of details cannot be overlooked in a well-thought-out and finished home.

Inside Out

Presumably, as you read this, summer has already arrived, and you are outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  Summer in Canada, is a short and much-anticipated season (particularly this year!), and when it finally arrives, we need to make the most of it.
Not just going to the beach/cottage/trailer or whatever your escape might be on the weekends, but everyday, doing our best to bring the outside in, and spending our days outside as much as possible.  Consider running twinkle lights along fences, railings, or around windows, to extend your outside time into the evenings.

Inside Again

Once more, we find ourselves at the end of another fleeting and fabulous summer season, and looking forward to all the pleasures and pastimes of fall.  Quite often, this is the part of the year when we go back inside, and invest some time and money in the improvement of inner spaces.
Most of us have had some experience, good or bad, in decorating, renovating or constructing a home.  I’d like to talk about Interior Design, often confused with or assumed to be the same as Interior Decorating, what a Designer does, when you might need one, and some basics of the design process.

Collection vs Clutter

Spring has sprung, and you all know what that means.  Yard Sales!  Oh yeah, and cleaning.  But seriously, one of the things i’d like to address this issue, is clutter, and collecting.  One does not necessarily result in the other, and with careful editing, and maintaining a plan, we can keep our stuff from overwhelming our lives. 

The first step of course, and often a very satisfying one, is going through our existing paraphernalia, and chucking what we no longer need or want.

Post Holiday greens - Artisans Bay Magazine - Winter 2013

If you’re like me at this time of year, your thoughts turn to spring and the longing for sunshine and warm weather.  We go from visions of sugar plums, to anticipating the intoxicating smells of fresh greenery, spring flowers, and... paint! 

Spring is the season when we all start thinking about new projects, but as any seasoned gardener or renovator knows, the time to start planning your spring project is now.  Maybe it’s finally time to give the kitchen a facelift, update the bathroom, create a walk-in closet or a basement family room.
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